El poster que pille en Espacio Trapezio

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Madrid, Thursday November 17 2011, 7pm at Plaza de Chueca

The state of the political debate in Spain has been of increasing importance and urgency for the public opinion, situation that has been especially stressed by the growing economic crisis and its deep implications in the transformation of the democratic context in matters of popular sovereignty and representativity.

Since May 2011 several protests have been taking place across the country, reclaiming the sequestered representation of the population’s will within the government’s legislative and economic measures, criticising the given construct of the “political class”. The escalation of tension between the right wing opposition, the ruling left wing party and the openly manifested discontent of the population have determined the decision to bring the presidential election forward to November 20th 2011. Given the aforementioned political coordinates the four performers have been invited to realize the public reading of Zoe Leonard’s text.

The claims expressed in Leonard’s text reveal similar political demands and concerns to the ones performed by the protesters in Spain, proving the validity of the text and the importance and urgency of its vindications. The decision to revisit those concerns through their deployment in the public realm and inviting the population to participate have somehow updated the pre-existing text’s content and explored different possibilities for its diffusion and reactive potential. In light of the ways art penetrates the political, and accounting the open similarities between the characteristics of the piece and the demonstrations, it seems like further framings for its realization are no longer needed. The course of events has created the environment in which this action has escaped is contingency to become a necessity, a reaction to the absence in the perception of the situation, an intervention in its deployment as agents instead of spectators.

Curated by Clara López in collaboration with Espacio Trapezio

With the support of IASPIS, The Swedish Arts Grants Committeé’s International Program for Visual Artists

Photo: Sara Moralo

Photo: Lisa Nyberg

Photo: Lisa Nyberg

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